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Realtime spam filters and virus scanning ensures your email security

SMTP cloud servers for maximum speed and flexibility

SMTP coverage works everywhere in the world

Mail Programs can be used on all types of PC, tablets, mobile devices, and smartphones.

Flexible subscriptions offers a wide range of subscription plans which can cover any mail needs

Managing your account control panel gives you a quick overview of statistics, upgrade options and account profile

Setting up your email programme

Setting up your email programme

Set-up manuals for all mail programmes...

Functions gives you unlimited freedom to send mails around the world as you usually do, regardless of which network you are using.
You have probably experienced how irritating it is to be unable to send mails from your mail programme when you are logged onto a network along the way. If you have, you probably also know the laborious process it is to have to connect to web mails with codes and passwords and send mails out, which you do not have as a natural part of your system and perhaps have difficulty finding again!
The reason for these difficulties is the internet providers. The majority allow only their customers to send emails from their networks. is a simple system that can avoid this rule. We simply give you an alternative mail connection that is ”known” on all networks and therefore places you naturally in contact with the world.
The idea behind everything is that you never have to receive an error message when you want to send emails.