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Realtime spam filters and virus scanning ensures your email security

SMTP cloud servers for maximum speed and flexibility

SMTP coverage works everywhere in the world

Mail Programs can be used on all types of PC, tablets, mobile devices, and smartphones.

Flexible subscriptions offers a wide range of subscription plans which can cover any mail needs

Managing your account control panel gives you a quick overview of statistics, upgrade options and account profile

Setting up your email programme

Setting up your email programme

Set-up manuals for all mail programmes...

What is SMTP?

Mails on the go – how easy can it be?
Few things are as irritating as having to change mail setup all the time or constantly having to communicate through webmail when you work away from the office. But now you can forget all about different outgoing email servers and detours and simply use the same mail programme or mail client regardless of where you are.

With you get an outgoing SMTP server that always works regardless of which network you are moving in. When your login code are inserted in your laptop, smartphone or PDA for the first time, you are free. If, for example you use when you’re working, you do not need to do anything extra in order to easily read and send mails when you come home. guarantees a constant and sufficient service from any internet connection and maximum bandwidth and speed via high-performance cloud servers.