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Realtime spam filters and virus scanning ensures your email security

SMTP cloud servers for maximum speed and flexibility

SMTP coverage works everywhere in the world

Mail Programs can be used on all types of PC, tablets, mobile devices, and smartphones.

Flexible subscriptions offers a wide range of subscription plans which can cover any mail needs

Managing your account control panel gives you a quick overview of statistics, upgrade options and account profile

Setting up your email programme

Setting up your email programme

Set-up manuals for all mail programmes...

What is SMTP ?

SMTP is a term, which you may have seen before. The technical name appears in all mails about internet setups, which you receive from internet providers. SMTP is one of the protocols with which you use to send emails with all internet providers. Due to security reasons, many of these providers do not allow users who are not their customers to send mails via their network.
Therefore, you will normally not be able to send emails via a foreign network.
With you have a personal account that lets you email from all networks so you never need to worry about being able to send emails to everyone.

Wikipedia explains SMTP thus:
Simple Mail Transport Protocol (often abbreviated to SMTP) is a protocol that is used to send emails.
With SMTP there are no log-on requirements, like for example POP3 and the protocol is therefore often used for spam mail. In order to make it more difficult to send spam mails, the mail server is often configured to only allow mail sent either to own domains or from clients on one’s own network – others are rejected. ( This is the set-up)