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Your outgoing email server is an inexpensive time-saving solution for you to use while you are on the go and need to send emails from your laptop, smartphone, Ipad, Iphone, tablet or any other device sending emails. With you avoid the problem of changing server settings for your outgoing email server or compromising your professional identity by using web mail. is the perfect solution for small to medium size businesses, sales consultants and private individuals who require the largest degree of flexibility possible and the best conditions in order to send emails regardless of where you are in the country or the world.
In brief, gives you the freedom to email!

Setting up your email programme

Setting up your email programme

Set-up manuals for all mail programmes...

Test for free 7 days

» Try for free 7 day - 20 mails per day

You can test completely free for 7 days.No creditcard needed. Send up to 20 emails per. day with 1 email address. There is no obligation whatsoever to enter your credit card, you only need to create a login, and then you automatically receive an email with the login information.


» 3 email addresses 75 emails per day

This lets you send up to 75 emails per day from up to 3 different email addresses.
75 emails is a total for all 3 email addresses.
The subscription is for 1 year.
Price: EUR 40


» 12 months 75 emails per day

For you who sends up to 75 emails per day from 1 email account.
1 year: EUR 40

Small Business

» 5 email addresses and 300 mails per day

Suited for small businesses - 5 unique email addresses and 300 mails per day in total for all email accounts.
Price: EUR 66

Premium I

» 250 emails per day and 1 email address

The personal solution that lets you send up to 250 mails per day from 1 email address.
1 year: EUR 53

Premium II

» For small and medium size companies. 500 daily emails

For substantial activity 10 unique email addresses, 500 emails per day in total.
1 year EUR 94

Premium III

» 1500 daily emails and 20 email addresses

For substantial activity; 20 unique email addresses, 1500 emails per day in total.
1 year EUR 134

Quick INFO

» Get answers to the most popular questions about

Does work on all mail programs, cell phones, PDAs and Iphone?
Yes, can be used as your outgoing e-mail server on all systems.

Can I mail via anywhere in the world?
Yes, we have customers throughout the world ranging from a fishing trawler in the South Atlantic, companies in China, NGO´s in in areas with no IT infrastructure and individuals who travel a lot - in short, all who wants security to mail out no matter which network you are in.

What is SMTP?
It stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

How do you handle spammers? have real-time spam filter that scans all outgoing mails on the server before it gets further. Attempts to spam will automatically shut down the spammers account.

Buffer emails

» If you occasionally need to send a lot of emails

In connection with the launch of our new website, we can now offer a product in demand.
If you need to mail a larger quantity of mail sometimes, we now offer the Buffer email product.
Depending upon your subscription type, you can order from 5000 to 200.000 emails which is available during the time your subscription runs. Have you spent for example up to 75 daily emails you have available on a Basic subscription, then you will automatically use your buffer emails when you send over this amount. You can always see how many buffer emails you have used via the account administration.
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Customers Says:

Nicki Pedersen, three time world champion of speedway: I really depend on things around me working and: functions perfectly.
Eight months a year I travel over most of Europe. This lifestyle places great demands on my mail system and it is vital to be able to send e-mails as I need to keep in touch with my family, business associates and other people and this took place from different Internet connections that varied from WiFi in my home in England, a mobile network when travelling, the network of whichever hotel I was staying at and last but not least my Danish workshop.
With, I now only use one outgoing server for all networks and no longer have to switch between the ones available at any given place.
The solution works perfectly, no matter which part of Europe I’m visiting. My busy schedule presents many challenges but runs like clockwork.

Nicki Pedersen