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About mySMTP


mySMTP was founded in 2007 by Hans Jul. As a freelance consultant Hans worked from many different locations and always the problem connecting to the local networks SMTP server was a hassle. So the initial idea was to offer a SMTP service for people travelling around the world and different physical work locations needing to send emails with own domain and identity.
It was a good idea, and from day one after launching the website people signed up for the shared IP SMTP solution – and today after 14 years in business the basic core product is still very popular and broadly used for all kind of email clients.
Emails evolve all the time and email traffic numbers grows year by year seen in the light that we no longer use the old physical mailbox, or very seldom do, so your personal or company email is now the main hub for receiving all the important personal and business communication.

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After a couple of years mySMTP started to offer dedicated SMTP servers with own IP suited for large volumes or business critical emailing. We have our own large batch of  IPV4 IP numbers, which is the core in all email and network communication. IPV6 is still far out in the future to take over this infrastructure.
Our hosting platform is 100% based in Denmark and GDPR compliant within the EU regulations.
mySMTP is sending emails for thousands of customers worldwide.
Our mantra is to be close to the customer and help onboarding until all is working on both sides and the emails hit the inbox. That’s our guarantee!
We make a big effort out of being on top of new email technologies which correspond with our core product; the SMTP server, also knowing how the big free mail ISPs works with filtering and email certification so we can guide on best practices.
Interested in knowing more you are welcome to send us an email and we get in contact.