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mySMTP + MailWizz

mySMTP offers its own custom hosted MailWizz email marketing system that works together with our Marketing & Transactional Emails packages

MailWizz and mySMTP offer you all the needed features and tools for a successful campaign

  • Stats
  • Dashboard
  • Stats 2
  • Geo Stats
  • Campaign GEO Opens
  • Dashboard Overview
  • Campaign Performance Stats
  • GEO Stats
  • Campaigns Overview
  • Subscribers Lists
  • Delivery Servers Overview
  • Delivery Server
  • Email Templates
  • Campaign Stats
  • Campaigns Overview
  • Subscriber Lists Overview
  • Delivery Servers Overview
  • Delivery Server Settings
  • Email Templates
  • Campaign Click Stats

To check out more details about MailWizz and testdrive, please go to

Do I need to provide any data for the MailWizz onboarding?

We only need your sending domains to configure your MailWizz account. We will then send you all the needed DNS settings for your provided domains.

How long does it take to configure my MailWizz account once paid?

We can configure your own MailWizz account to be ready to send in no more than an hour.