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Email marketing

A dedicated mySMTP server is the perfect match for your email marketing activities. Connect to the SMTP by login or API to your own preferred frontend maillist and content system. mySMTP connects to any Saas or software with external SMTP connector options.

The discipline of sending millions of emails monthly takes the option to secure that every single email sent is taking into record with detailed logs showing the vast amount of delivery messages known from different ISPs. These delivery messages is the foundation for keeping the data clean and up to date.

mySMTP helps you getting it right from day one, making sure all is set-up correct before start sending.

Highlights for email
marketing senders


Make sure sending domains are verified with SPF, DKIM and DMARC in your DNS panel - we help you to get it right.

Warm up

Before sending we advice how to get the best warm up plan based on B2B or B2C.

Own IP

Sending with your own IP makes it possible to build sender reputation based on your own activities compared to a shared IP environment.

Reputation monitoring

We know problems can happen with blacklists and various spamfiltering systems. Based on our deep knowledge of how to handle these problems, our RepHero team can help monitoring and mitigate if problems.

Scalable platform and live data

A mySMTP server will give you a highly scalable platform and we can tweak the resources to whatever is in demand and guide on the industries best practices. Its all about transporting the emails to the inbox and no other folder or box. To get there every step and move must be in place before you go live. The mySMTP dashboard will give you all the insights an options to stay in control with sendings.