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Transactional emails

Sending receipts from your webshop, “get a new password”, support tickets and much more, is part of the billions of daily emails sent with this all business critical information that keeps the wheels turning based on autogenerated emails which the receiver expect to get to the inbox within a split second so the next action can be achieved.

Also Internet of Things (IOT) is a new big player in the email sending landscape. All kind of sensors and monitors needs to communicate via email among many channels, so the importance of sending via a super stabile SMTP platform with 100% uptime and lightning fast delivery is more important then ever. mySMTP will deliver this setup so you do not have to worry about any missing communication from your business to your customers.


The customers buying stuff in your webshop want the receipts and other communication emails in a split second. A dedicated server do this so you will not lose any business due to late email arrivals.

Support tickets and lost passwords

Make sure your support tickets is delivered within split seconds and customer "lost password" functions works flawless.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Make sure all the gadgets, monitors and sensors are able to communicate if emails are used as a channel to subscribers.